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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> discrimination is wrong >> 99 percent of those arrested in drug free school zones... we're not near a school at all! >> are they working? >> this time i'm gonna fight it. >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris, with a look at your top stories. germany takes down the world cup team, but the americans still advance to the round of 16. the street rules that president obama did overstate his bounds making several recess appointments. and new questions about how the u.s. uses targeted drone strikes why some say it risks a perpetual state of war.
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today was rah bad day, but it was also a good day. the good news, the u.s. will advance to the next round. michael legislatives joins us now for a look at today's match, and what lies ahead. >> so today's loss kind of being a win. >> it wasn't bad sports are weird that way. despite that heartbreaking loss, stealing the favorite to advance out of group play, but the one thing about sports is nothing is guaranteed. back to sunday, well, the story before the game, against germany was that weather, a terrific downpour flooded the streets, and soaked the field, but it didn't seem
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to really effect play. that's also good news, no more injuries. a tie now to the next round, but neither team seemed willing to accept such a result. but waythe 1-nil loss, team u.s.a. would need help from porch gal, a win with against ghana would also bring the u.s. to the next round. now, this game short handed the two players were suggestion spented from the team, after all the patience allegedly over money. portugal able to take advantage, renaldo scored the game winning goal to give portugal a 2-1 decision. so here is another look at the final result, in group g, a group that many had called a group of death, waytwo win withs and a draw germany finishes atop 7 points, team u.s.a. both finish with four, but the u.s. advances things to gold differential.
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portugal is hurt by that 4-nil loss in it's first game, but no matter how they got there, it is on to the neck round for team u.s.a. >> a group of 16, so we are showing people that we are a good group, and we can play. >> this is the first time ever that, that team u.s.a. has advanced to the stage in back to back. >> okay, so that helps us. >> yes, it does. >> well with, as of right now, they are scheduled to play belgium. they are leading but they are playing right now, so if they win with that game, lit be belgium. #z buts in a chance that algeria could take the top spot. the game will be played tuesday, in salvador, so it gives them a few extra days.
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>> oh good. >> and if they were to win this game, and advance, it would be the first time they had reached that far since 2002, of course, the best showing ever was in 1930, the world cup, but only 13 teams went to the first one. and finishes third, goassy is arguably the first, or second bet player on this team, right, and he has been out for the last two matches. >> he got hurt, first game. >> will he be back. >> there's help he will be. still less than 50%, but i will tell you this, even if he could, he isn't going to say anything prior to that match up. they need him out there mike, appreciate it. >> michael ease with us, new york city, look, if you are new york city, moving on is all that really matters. anywhere, probably in the u.s. moving on is all that matters john spent the day in a public viewing in brooklyn, j.t., so the
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u.s. team advances but were fans unhappy? well, i spent the day here, something like when i see an elephant nigh, but that's not the dumb bow we are talking about, we with will talking about down -- under the manhattan bridge underpass. so we are, look behind me, you can see what is essentially an arch, and there's a big screen down there, right now there's a game involving belgium and south korea being played but earlier today we had thousands of people here, i would say at least 1,000 people, packed in. job there was any work today done in america, but we go to the next round, which is great, they call nick and at dam, this is what they had to say. >>ly be honest, i didn't see it coming but i am so
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excited. and i am ready for them to play as hard as they can and beat whoever they have to. they don't have the most talent, but they have the biggest present. >> what do you think ofierman, he predicted the u.s. wouldn't win, well now, they have a chance at it. >> he should change his mind, because we are going somewhere. we will keep playing as hard as possible. and way will go far. >> adam and nick, thank you for stop and talking to us, we don't know what will happen next week. >> we are going to win. >> you give office prediction? >> i predicting they are going to wayne with. i don't know how it will end, but they will play their hardest. and they can win it. >> do you support soccer year round or just now? >> year round.
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i'm a manchester united fan, during the regular season, but honestly u.s.a. in the world cup. >> i have to say, everything here attended this game, they were really into it. they are cheering every time the u.s. dig as ball, they were just shy, just this side of booing when the germans did something they didn't like, it was a really great event, and i am certain that the u.s. economic productivity was an all time low for about 90 minutes on the east coast. so do you think the loss in any way tempers the ennauseam that's been building behind this team? is or is that the fact that the team moved forward going to be the prevailing thought? >> they are annoyed with withier again, the genius footballer that he is, going to team u.s.a., and
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they were in line with him, they couldn't make it all the way. quite frankly, i think the next game is tuesday, it could be belgium. a little bit more -- didn't make more of their chances today. and let's see what happened on tuesday, never say never. >> never say never. >> all right, j.t. for us, brooklyn new york, the scene was much the same in the windy city of chicago. where thousands of fans watched the game, at a viewing party, and upper talk us through the emotions of this day for the fans watching? >> tony, the atmosphere was heck trick, the cheering started early, and there was one with moment after the second
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half, when german opened the door, when you heard a collective gasp run through the crowd of thousands. there were about 18,000 people here from officials that's probably one of the biggest crows they have seen. that have been three since the world cup began, but those emissions towards the end, obviously, as they stated to realize that they were getting closer and closer to making it, erupted in cheers, we talks to a couple of fans shortly after, and here is what they said. >> on my seat the whole game, it was great, very happy. best loss i have ever seen in my life. >> we were with trying to play for that draw a lot more than the win with. >> a lot better once we get -- it is exciting. didn't h and tony, as you
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heard there, basically the sentiments here, at least with these fans is that one of thens thats beheard afterwards was that the u.s.a. wind wins even when it loses so this momentum that's been building around this team over the last few days and weeks and even the last few years more interested has been coming as a result of the u.s. soccer team. and young moment are really fueling this enthusiasm. usher for us in chicago. the justices said hi extended his constitutional authority. to the national labor relations board. in 2012. he can make temporary appointments and when the senate is in recess, those appointments are only valid until the end of the next calendar year.
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they have the sessions once every three days i timed one from february, it lasted 29 seconds. all so they can say that the senate is not in recess, and therefore this president or any president can't make a so called recess appointment in the face of partisan grid lock of course in 2012. the ruling is also invade i believe, and today the supreme court agreed. so sessions -- those
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proform ma sessions are not really the senate really isn't doing any work whatsoever. mitch mcconnell is the republican leader, here is what he had to say after the decision came down. >> the supreme court unanimously agreed with us. today's ruling is a victory for the senate. for the american people, and for our constitution. and for the supreme court unanimously rejected the completely unprecedented assertion that the unilateral appointment power. >> from democrats tony, remember last november they changed the rules in the senate. no longer a filibuster 60 votes party to confirm the appointee nominees back to a similar 50 vote, therefore, recess appointments at least for the time being aren't necessary. >> has there been a reaction from the white house to this? >> the white house says they are studying the issue that they are disappointed, but again,
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the reaction from democrats largely muted at this point. a second ruling today, is justices ruled that massachusets law protests within 35 feet of an abortion clinic entrance violates the rights of protestors. now planned parenthood contended the decision saying it shows a troubling level of disregard for american women, the women should be able to make medical decisions without with having to deal with threatening protestors. iraq's parliament, the hope is that a more unified government will be able to stop the advance of the islamic state of iraq. the influential shiite leader added his voice and calling for new leadership to contain the crisis. a man whose militia once fought troops in iraq, says he want as unity
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government. >> the iraqi government must fulfill the demands of the sunnies and stop excluding them. with with new names and from all backgrounds. and not to be based only the usual quotas. >> his words are become echoed by others. peace can only be achieved through political means. >> and that's the sunni component. cities were not part of the political process, and what happened two years ago, was a legitimate appeal by the people in those areas and the iraqi government was with supposed to answer their demands and find a solution instead of resorting to violence. >> but prime minister is
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defiant, and he is sticking to his bongs. he says he is the only man that can lead iraq out of this crisis. now, the next big test is on july fierceness when parliament meets to discuss the formation of a new government. and that will be a government that maliki will want to control. it is simply an attempt to launch a coupe against our process, in order to destroy it. >> the prime minister faces pressure at home, the british the americans before they can get any more help, iraq needs unify government. al jazeera, baghdad thousands of christians have fled to the autonomous region to escape shelling by fighters. many have resorted to hiding in churches and are relying on forces to protect them. more now.
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most of these people fled in the middle of the night, now they are christianed from the town, which is just along the border of the so called disputed areas not very far. #z they left in a hurry, they are elderly, babies as young as two weeks old. now, just a week ago, i was in that town, and people were with were withried but they said that so far, they have been spared from the violence. a lot of the people who are among them are several timed displaced, like this lady, she first fled, and then she had to three mouse soul is. and now she is here in the kurdish north. now, she says she doesn't know where she is going next. we are in a youth sports club, this building is three stories high, and wherever you go, it is slug packs with people.
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now these people do wonder what is the government doing to protect minorities like that. may say that the kurdish forces deployed to their town intensified. and they are protecting them at the moment. president obama is ask congress to approve $500 million to train and equip syrian opposition fighters, it is part of a $58.6 billion request for overseas operations. the administration says the money would be partly used to stabilize areas under opposition control. and help defend civilians. the white house says it would prescreen which would receive the money. john kerry says i.s.i.l. pose as threat beyond iraq and syria, kerry
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made the comments with foreign millsters from jordan. saudind the united emritz. they discussed the offensive in which the group has seized control of much of northern and western iraq, and parts of syria. a report released today questions the use of targeted drone strikes a panel of experts. that's a nonpartisan think tank, believes the use of drones over the past decade, puts the united states at risk of being in a perpetual state of war. this investigated colluded a lot of high power, former intelligence officials it was a bipartisan effort, and tony they raise questions about whether drone strikes in the u.s. are drone strikes that the u.s. is carrying out are doing more harm than good. the question is is it making us safer?
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is is it reducing terrorism. this' this fantasy that we with can combat terrorism by killing one with person at a time. and she said that is really not the case. it is a very complex problem, and it create as hot of antiamerican sentiments, and also is a good recruiting tool for per errorists. there's an issue, that's the issue with this program is legal or not. it is hard to tell because it is so secret. we with don't say who they are against, we don't say their locations. until kawai recently, the administration says we and neither confirm or deny of any such program, so you have what amounts to a 13 year long secret war. which has killed ask estimated three to 4,000 people. and we think that both from the perspective of our democracy, in this
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country, that's not okay. >> she is a fell he with the new american foundation, and she is the co author of this report, the report has a number of recommendations they want the administration to release much more information about the targets who they are, where they are. and why they are being targeted. and they also think there should be an independent panel to make sure that they are followed u.s. policy. lisa, there are a lot of areas you would love to hear a response from the white house on, but has there been any response? >> well, a white house spokes men, told me they haven't had a chance to look at the record. but katelyn said she insisted the president has long said that extraordinary care can is taken. in fact to make sure that these strikes are carries out in a legal fashion, and consistent with with u.s. values and she pointed out that the president has indicated that they are working
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towards greater transparency in this program, but she also said that the u.s. needs to continue to have the options of carrying out these operations. >> lisa, thank you. coming up, why hillary clinton says you have to be a little crazy, to run for president. and go pro goes public and starts trading, where and starts trading, where it ended today nasonex.
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the performance review. and starts trading, where it ended today nasonex. that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl.
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check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. sooner rather than later, sooner than expected. the dough down as you can see. the s&p 500 also lost ground on the day. go pros first day on wall street was with picture perfect. that's cute. shares of the wearable sports camera company rose more than 30% after a it made it's public debut on the nasdaq stocks exchange today. a lot of happy people there.
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as it's u.s. stores from 917 an hour to $10.76 an hour. in january. about hoof of ikea's worker ins the u.s. will get that raise. one of the losers from today's congressional primaries is zillion refusing to concede. david chuter joins us with more on this. david. tea party challenger chris mcdaniel is not giving up. mcdaniel is infuriated that his opponent reaches out down the stretch, particularly in african-american areas of
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the state, here is mcdaniel on the mark radio show. we know they did vote, and the primary just three weeks ago, which makes it illegal. >> how does he know they voted three weeks ago? he wouldn't say. cook rang is not talking publicly about any voting irregularities but his spokesman said we are moving forward, the election is over. former governor jeb bush continues to collect some political i.o. u.s, bush has agreed to headline a huge republican fund raiser later this year. nor at least four republican senate candidates. one of those candidates is iowa joanny earns, her state, of course, honest the iowa caucuses.
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the approval rating is around 41%, but in his home state, television viewers are now esoing this. you have to be a little bit crazy to run for president, let me just put it like that, because you have to be totally immersed and so con can vinceed that you can
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bring something to that office. >> so what would clinton bring? well, she didn't say, instead she hinted at something of her own sense of self. >> my life of service. is the biggest reason why i would consider doing this. it is a job you have to be totally con can assumed by, and that's a definition of being crazy i think. >> totally con can assumed i want to continue can serving and a little bit crazy. they are having a field day analyzing this and that is today's power politics.
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>> a street will have the final say on this.
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wrights supreme court struck down a section of the defensive marriage act, that denied federal benefits to same sex couple. that ruling opened off flood of challenges to same-sex marriage bans across the country, now yesterday, indiana became the 20th state to allow same sex couples to get married, seven states have legalized same-sex marriage since last june. courts have also struck down same-sex marriage bans in ten states including utah yesterday. but those rulings are on hold as they are being appealed. bans in all the other
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states are now being challenged. today officials in st. louis and boulder county colorado, defied their state's bans by issues marriage licenses to same sex couples. he is the president of rights. will you just reflect for a moment here on what has to be from your perspective an amazing year. it has been. >> well, there are two cases that the supreme court heard, and the same day a year ago, released two good decisions on the prop eight, which returned marriage to my home state of california, and then taking out section three, which was government sanctions discrimination, put them in 1996, so since then, there have been 22 cases you mention add good chunk of them, we have won all 22 in the last year, because now that doma has been ruled unconstitutional, we are on the move, and lit be a year or two before marriage equality will be the law of the land.
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>> . >> i think there are four, and then everything -- >> recently. maybe it is as recently as today, or yesterday. how long before you think you get more republicans onboard with with what is happening? is clearly in the country? is. >> well with, you even have senator orrin hatch admitting that the time has come, and that it is inevitable. i think we will see more and more people, like barack obama, his two kids are the one with that pressures him. and i think a lot of republican members are going to get that same
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kind of pressure from their kids and grandkids to do the right thing, and be on the right side of history. >> so as you look at this, you can't rest at this point, an organization like yours can't rest right now, even though there is momentum building is there still work to be done, still arguments to be made and what's left to be done and how do you move forward? keep the momentum going? >> well, the legal front is number one. that is going very nicely, there are 80 haw suits in all 50 state's now, so soon we will be seeing equality, and then changing public opinion, and younger people are doing that, and more and more people -- >> where is public opinion, what are the surveys saying about public opinion, on same-sex marriage? >> it is just -- it is doubled in the last ten years. >> so what number? >> react 56% according to the recent gallop poll. 68% in the northeast. younger people, 78 to 80% support same-sex marriage, so their
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parents and grandparents are slowly evolving and i think we will see this move very rapidly, which i am of course excited about. thank you for being here. >> 50 now workers are on strike, and they claim they haven't been payed in three months. now, hamas hired them in 27, be uh the you unity government still says it is not ready to pay up. our report. >> hocked out in the strip, the employees are outside on strike, these people are angry, and unpaid. and they are blaming the president. jeff is responsible for our problems. the president of all the palestinian people, and he is the president of all of us, he represents all palestinians all over the world, therefore he
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must solve these as soon as possible. >> what they want seems easy enough, they want to be paid, by the new government, based says it doesn't have the money. it also wants to vet the workers before paying them. may suffer a lot as a result. therefore we with started this step as a warning the general strike is is paralyzing gaza. we demand the unity government solve our problems and consider our legitimate employees hike the west bank ones. >> the new government is also on depression over the disappearance of three teenagers in the west bank. israel blames hamas, hamas and the palestinian
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authorities sign add reconciliation agreement in april. the new unity government has promised to hold a national election within sixn't mops. but the rising pressure is threatening not only unity, but the prospect of that ever happening. because of a lack of evidence, the hard line cleric was extradited last year, after judges there felt he wouldn't receive a fair trial. in 2000, in australia, investigators say a ma lay shower airline night may have flown on auto pilot for hours before crashing into the indian ocean. the new theory means search crews will shift their focus out. experts are changing the exchange on data between
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a plane and a satellite australia's safety bureau says the crew may have lost consciousness from oxygen deprivation. in sudan, police have agreed to release ibi,iam. she was supposed ton executed for converting to christianity. police say they will release her if someone guarantees she will show up to face forgery charges her lawyers say her documents are genuine. and in guatemala, more than 13% of children are skipping school to hold down a job, the u.n. says a 58 million kids worldwide are forced to work has been one of the worst performing countries in the past, it has made small improvements. david mercer has the story. every day 12-year-old madeline hernandez sells
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second hand clothes in the central market. she has been working here since she was eight, she only earn as few cents from every sale, but it helps her grandmother pay the bills. but her small contribution comes at a big price, until recently, she had never been to school. then a few months ago she discovered the joys of learning. >> i like coming here because it is really fun. and our teacher danny likes to help us learn, like how to read and write, how to add and subtract, we learn a lot of things. a low -- all are located in markets where children work, all lessons are finished by noon, all chaseses are free. with around 600 students they hope to expand their coverage, but then disaster struck.
4:39 pm
a fire swept through the market, reducing thousands of stalls to ashes and it is here i am standing that they had their best equipped education center with with dozens of computers all of it wiped out. >> but the group refused to give up, thanks to a private public partnership, they are inaugurate add new classroom in the center of the market, i yet with around 1.5 million children not atinnedding school, much nor needs tock done. if we with only work with a fraction of these boys and girls it means there are many that aren't receiving an education. the government is doing lit toll address the problem. >> over the past 40 years guatemala has not invested more than 2.8% of it's gross domestic product. for these young people to add to the system, and to
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increase the coverage of our schools we have to indrees our budget. >> the government here sayser child has the right to an education, now the child is to make that a priority. otherwise the country's most vulnerable will continue to be left behind. close arguments in the trial of a baseball fan, suing the dodgers that and other stories making headlines across the news. >> yeah, the lawyer for the man suing the l.a. dodgers said the team has failed to keep fans safe. the lawsuit is seeking $50 million for his lifetime medical care. the defense claims only the attackers are responsible for the beating, they have already been sentenced to prison. he was missing for a week and a half, the father
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said he, his wife, and the fbi had searched the basement but found nothing. >> police came, i was here one day. there was all over the house. they surged and searched. >> we already not certain is that charley was here, because the question i would have, how could we miss. >> and police say the boy was nervous but excited when they found him, he said he was hungry but appeared okay physically. new york city lost it's final appeal to ban the sale of big sewed is das today, the states highest court ruled the city oversteps it's bounds when it restricted the size of sodas. a lower court overturned the ban in 2012. and 36 people were with taken to the hospital in another 50 were treated on the scene after a coconcert in boston. they were attending an electronic dance show. the concert promoter said most of the people hospitalized were too intoxicated to be allowed inside the event, but
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some con can setter goers blamed the heat inside the arena. 1934 driver's license up for sale. yeah, tony, the license is signed by the 19-year-old sinatra, whose eyes of course are recorded as blue. if you look close, you can can see his last name is misspelled. and boston based r.r. auction is holding the sale, and that sale ends at 6:00 p.m. eastern time today. >> that will go for a pretty penny, i would think. >> for sure. >> back later? >> i am. >> thank you. >> yeah. yeah, in california, drive just an hour and a half north of san francisco, and you will find drake's bay oyster company. it is a million dollar business, working on land owned by the national park service.
4:43 pm
environmentalists moved to have them evicted. lisa bernard has more. >> small, medium, large. cluster oysters and white table cloth half shell oysters. for nearly a century, oysters have been harvested here. susanne hays is one of many fans, she says the farm is the tip of this exquisite land is inter2009ed with her community. seven years ago, he bought the mounderring farm and turned it into a annual business, producing 8 million oyster as year. but some environmentalists say he has outstayed his welcome, and it is time for the farm to stop production. it is incompetent patible
4:44 pm
to have a private oyster operation, it just doesn't fit. >> when lenny bought the farm, he knew he was nearing the end of a 40 year lease, but he was hopeful the park service would let him stay, when his lease expired 18 months ago, it was not renewed. this is a perfect example of cooperative cooperation. and now we see the park service and interior turning those agreements on their head. he inch cysts he is a responsible stowe ward of the land, and exemplified sustainability. >> to grow an oyster we don't use any feeds. no chemical use whatsoever. 100% of our product stays local. this is exactly what we want to support and should support if we want to make good food changes. >> in nearby san francisco, richard sander frees he served drakes bay oysters. >> to have a commodity
4:45 pm
like this, 30 miles away from a larger area, is just offset by the park system is trying to do. one friend of mine said she couldn't go to the birthday party because of this issue. >> the 50,000 people that visit this farm every year, the families that come here, the school tours that come here. to learn about where their food comes from, to get a feel of what farming is. >> he says if the lower court ruling stands the community may gain a quiet estuary, but some of their history will be lost. >> and coming up it is a story we have been following about 80,000 people in detroit have had their water shut off.
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we will hear it's side that's next. >> vé
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the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. a human rights organization focus on ended human trafficking says the u.s. is making progress. the obama administration has made stopping the trade a major policy goal, but victims of human trafficking are often hidden away for years before getting the help they need and deserve. kimberly has more now. >> when norma answered an ad to come the the united states for a job, he has no idea her employer would perhap her and make her a domestic slave. she asked us to con ceil her identity. she locked he in the bathroom, i was begging to let me go, but hi kept me there for hours.
4:49 pm
>> she was told if he vied to leave she would be killed. so norm ma works more than 20 hour as day without pay. she said she was repeatedly threatened and sexually abused. she called police and was rescued. the u.s. state of texas along the mexico border is a prime location for the trafficking of domestic workers. victims are often forced to work in nail salons or even in the commercial sex trade. this undercover investigator says norma's case can is not unusual. >> we have had victims from africa, indo nearby sha, india, pakistan, and these are usually very wealthy individuals. they will bring maids and nannies and the problem that's one of the hardest cases to detect. because it is all happening within the confines of a home. >> in march, the u.s.
4:50 pm
congress reauthorized anti-trafficking laws to help eradicate the crime. that prey on the dreams of those around the world, hoping to live and work in the united states. didn't have any power to free myself. i was -- now he is the authority. i am free for the way he had me for his abuse. but he is the animal. she wants to see those that target the vulnerable, like herself, pay for their crimes. al jazeera, houston. >> the united nations says detroit may be violated human rights for shutting off water to nearly 80,000 residents. now the spokes men for the water and sewage told thaws the city cannot keep the water running for free. reds who is are more than two months behind, and owe more than $150 had
4:51 pm
their water shut off. earlier i spoke and she explained the position. >> this recognition is now reaffirmed in different -- in many different years with the support of the government. it is a human rights. and it is connected with many other human rights is the right to life. the right to be free from treatments and it is con recess crated in several rights instruments. is not what you and i should do for free. it is written now that water should be given for free to anyone. what the human rights says is that you cannot be excess to this right, for reasons beyond your
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control. one reason beyond your control, can be your inability to pay. >> told us on monday that they have called for a residential water assistance program for help people pay their billed. you know we told you about the u.s.' fate in the world cup, how the other big matches are filling in who advances to the next round, we are live in brazil.
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real reporting that brings you the world.
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giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. germany and the united states are through to the round of 16, but they weren't the only ones plans to stay on. today is the final day of the group stage. right now, bejump, south. are in the middle to see who will move on to that number 16. and lee, before we get to these matches can we talk about swarez again? because his suspension as you know, has caused
4:55 pm
quite a stir here and in other parts oif world, but what about in brazil? if you look closely, nine matches he won't be able to may in proper matches. competitive matches. and next year, we effected, he is out of the world cup. nor the second season is in a row, he won't be able to play for them until october. we just will not tolerate this.
4:56 pm
they are already safe, it is about algeria verses russia, now algeria request become the side to score four goals in a game. but are they going to blow it? they are losing by a goal against russia, managed by fab yeah. it is going to be a really interesting second half, really tense to see who can fight their way through. if algeria were with to get through, and then they were to play germany, a chance for revenge, because back in 1982, west germany and austria, colluded to knock out, it caused a big rule change, what a match that would be. yeah, that would be something. so we are in the final day after a group stage, and now we will move on to the elimination round. can i get you to take a step back. and sum up for this group, and how exciting it has been so far?
4:57 pm
>> oh, it's been as exciting as it can be. it has been astonishing from the start, coast rica verses greece in the next round, no one on the planet could have predicted that would be the case. >> right. >> and yet that's what happened. and yet, louise swarez overshadows the last couple of days and that's a shame. where are you exactly? >> i'm on the strip, down there there's a fan fest. now, if brazil were playing or argentina, you would have with nows and thousands of fans. noisy fireworks would be going off, it is a bit more muted but we with have a big game to come. >> absolutely.
4:58 pm
it just looks great, rio, lee good to see you as always. >> a lot of reaction after the u.s., advanced on to the next round, the round of 16, maynez is back with with that. >> yeah, tony, clint depend sí put up this picture, thanking fans with the #one nation, one with team. and also athletes congratulated the u.s. team, oscar de la hoya said we with did it, yeah. >> wow. >> the old goen boy. >> the golden boy. >> andre at home, he was watching the game, he wrote happy home with with. >> waywith stef fifa disciplinary graph his wife. >> the oningest tennis player of them all, i think i am close to that. >> and aaron rogers wrote well done, moving on with a country me lined you, u.s.a. u.s.a. and also president obama was on air force 1 on his way to minneapolis, and he was watching the game as well. one of the most talked
4:59 pm
about tackle moments in this game, was with when the ref took down germane jones there, prompting this the referee should get a red card. hmm. so u.s. fans were relieved when portugal scores making it all the more likely that the u.s. would advance to the next round. there was a sigh of relief, and suddenly, tony renaldo became an american hero. right. >> with images like these, saying thanks portugal, and this one with saying renaldo's new hair cut, with the flag right there. that so many fans were so mad at, making the u.s. tie with forge gal. nows of the head seen. >> how is the squad looking? is pretty good. >> we are. >> amazing. >> and there it is,
5:00 pm
appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you. >> that's all of our time, tony harris in new york city, inside story is next, if you would like the latest on any of our stories just head on over to our web side, that's maybe you have seen nit the movies. small window less cells prisoners allowed out only an hour a day, isolation. now prisoners are fighting back, in courts even through hunger strikes. it is the inside story.